For Schools

Our Commitment To School Policy

All TeachTeam tutors follow the Illinois Learning Standards as dictated by the Illinois Board of Education. TeachTeam tutors will review and agree to any and all school policy and will have to pass a nationwide background check before being permitted to operate on school grounds.

About our Tutors

All TeachTeam Tutors have backgrounds in education and are mostly teaching students and professional tutors. Our tutor training program trains  our tutors to effectively test and review the past work of a student in order to identify areas where a student needs improvement. TeachTeam Tutors also are trained to take multi-faceted teaching approaches such as accounting for a student's preference for visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learning. 

About Disability Support Services

TeachTeam Tutors who have a desire to work with children with disabilities are trained by our staff of disability support service professionals in order to accommodate students with learning, behavioral, and physical disabilities.