World Community Grid

 TeachTeam is a member of IBM's Corporate Citizenship Program - World Community Grid. We endeavor to further critical non-profit research on some of humanity's most pressing problems by helping to create the world's largest volunteer computing grid.  Research includes HIV-AIDS, cancer, tropical and neglected diseases, solar energy, clean water and many more. 


Mapping Cancer Markers

Our computing resources are currently being used by the University Health Network at the  Princess Margaret Cancer Center to map cancer markers.


Microbiome Immunity Project

The Microbiome Immunity Project is a collaborative research initiative being carried out by University of California - SanDiego, Broad Institute, and Flatiron Institute.  We in collaboration with the World Community Grid help accelerate the initial steps of predicting protein structures of the human microbiome. We have donated processing power to help run millions of virtual experiments, each predicting the structure of a protein.

The resulting data will be analyzed by the researchers to find the most likely structure for each of the proteins under study. The research team will make their data publicly available to other scientists, accelerating the advancement of scientific knowledge in this important new area of research.