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Earn Toys For Good Grades!

Incentivised Learning Program:

TeachTeam in partnership with Fundamentally Children, a UK based child development organization is offering rewards in the form of toys for students who set and achieve academic goals within our tutoring program.

Children at each participating location can play with a wide range of toys at each of our participating centers. A child can pick their favorite toy and have it set aside for them when they set an academic goal for themselves with their tutor. When the child achieves their academic goal, the toy is theirs to keep.

The toys are donated to our program to receive user acceptance testing. In order for us to sustain this program, a minimum of four children must be observed playing with the toys, and an observation form must be filled out. The form does not require the identity of the children to be disclosed. See the electronic form below:

Submit Your Form Online:

Toy Observation Form

Better yet, see us in person!

We love to see engagement from out community. Help us test toys at the following locations:

Murphysboro Youth and Recreation Center

1818 Walnut St, Murphysboro, IL 62966

(618) 684-8243



9:00 am – 1:00 pm


9:00 am – 1:00 pm


9:00 am – 1:00 pm


9:00 am – 1:00 pm


9:00 am – 1:00 pm






What is TeachTeam?

 TeachTeam is a not-for-profit organization that provides free tutoring services to students of underserved schools across the United States. By using our multi-faceted teaching model called the "TEAM model", we hope to identify and address weaknesses in a student’s foundational knowledge of a topic, prepare a student for upcoming topics in their lesson plan, discover a student’s learning preferences and teach in a style they prefer, accommodate to learning/physical disabilities and/or behavioral disorders, and provide students important life skills that encourage the sustainability of academic success. We intend to improve a student’s academic confidence and encourage them to proceed on a path of higher education and pursue greater opportunities that the student may not be aware are available to them. 

How can I help?

 TeachTeam is looking for volunteers across the United States that want to receive practical experience and college credit while tutoring disadvantaged and at-risk youth in school districts that have limited access to educational resources. The tutors will be responsible for designing tests based on Common Core  and the teacher's lesson plan that will evaluate weak areas in the student's curriculum, as well as applying techniques to personalize their education to accommodate for learning styles, disabilities and behavior problems. Volunteer tutors will have access to online resources and a knowledgeable staff that will provide guidance throughout the duration of their membership with TeachTeam.   

What are the expectations of a TeachTeam member?

 All tutors will have to pass a background check that satisfies the requirements of the school district. After being fully vetted and processed, the tutor will be assigned up to three students within a reasonable distance from their university. There will be weekly meetings with the local operations manager to receive and turn in a timesheet that logs hours spent with students. Each tutor will be expected to complete five (5) hours of in-person tutoring sessions that they will be free to arrange themselves, in order to maintain flexibility with a university schedule. A number of public workshop plans will also be made available, if meeting the minimum hours isn't feasible with tutoring alone.  

Can I join if I'm not an education student?

 TeachTeam is looking to expand our core staff, which includes assistant positions in operations, human resources, development, and public relations. All positions will be unpaid internships that aim at developing professional experience using industry standard tools and methodology. Anyone interested in pursuing these opportunities can complete the universal application found on our website.  



How we Recruit:

 We recruit college students of any major who want to tutor local students in a subject of their choice for a five hour a week, unpaid internship. We highly encourage education majors to join us.    

Subjects We Cover:

 We currently offer tutoring services in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Eventually we hope to branch out to other subjects, and are willing to recruit talented tutors of any discipline.  

Tutor Training:

  All TeachTeam tutors will be trained by a series of mentors whom have professional experience in the fields of education and disability support services.    

Tutoring Sessions:

 All tutoring sessions will take place on school grounds during or school hours. Tutors may be assigned up to three students to work with a week. Tutors will only work with one student per session.    

Earn College Credits

TeachTeam works with universities of our interns to ensure that they can earn credit hours as an independent study for interning with us.

How To Become a Tutor

Find us on Handshake or download an application at teachteam.org under the "Join Us" tab.  Submit it to info@teachteam.org.   



Building Better Study Habits

Students will learn valuable study skills such as proper organization, note taking, effective group study tactics, distraction minimization, and much more!


Computer Literacy

TeachTeam provides free online tools and training to students in tech deserts to encourage more tech savvy and online literate communities.


Encouraging The Path To Higher Education

High school students will learn important skills that will help them navigate the path to college or trade school. These skills will include filling out college applications, writing for grants and scholarships, computer literacy, and discovering opportunities for apprenticeships and trade schools.

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